I was walking in Bridgetown today, and wandered into a store that had loads of baby things. In fact, that’s all they had. When I walked in I was surrounded and then overwhelmed by a seemingly unending display of small pastel coloured clothes, bottles of various sizes and colours and just baby STUFF.

I went into Cave Shepard as well, and had a look at their more toney upmarket baby things, then to Woolworth, who had a lot of the stuff Cave Shepard had, just much cheaper. I really only went to look at prices, but once I got there I realise how little I know about baby things.

See, I managed to get through my entire 20s without having to think about any of this and looking at some of these things I have no idea what half this stuff is for, and when’s the appropriate time to get them, and how much of what I need to get.

I remember when one of my girlfriend’s was pregnant when I was a teenager. I had gone out and just bought loads of bottles, onesies and vests, socks, blankets, baby bag the works without having much of a clue regarding proportions or requirements.

Now that I have to think about it for myself, and my financial situation being what it is, I’m just trying to figure out what I need.

How many bottles? How many onesies? How many vests? What kind of blankets? A crib? A pram? Breast pads? Soap? Bath towels?

I had a headache when I left the last store. My cousin Oyasdawta says not to worry, that people buy too much stuff for babies anyway, but you know… I just don’t know what TO get and and a little worried about how to afford it all. I suppose when it comes to a baby, you buy what you need to buy, no expenses spared. In situations like this, additional financial support, like that from Nashville hard money loans, may be warranted.

I’m beginning show now. My belly is definitely starting to protrude and it’s not just my little potbelly either. My boy is beginning to round out.

Although my baby’s gestational age is 14 weeks old, the book tells me I’m actually considered to be 16 weeks pregnant.

I also felt the baby flutter for the first time a few days ago. It was like butterflies were trapped in my abdomen and in the wrong place to be in my stomach. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, but the second set of flurries kind of made me smile. My spirit dancer is gearing up for some serious foot and hand exercising.

I am still wrapping my mind around the fact I’m going to be someone’s mother in less than six months. So cool… but so terrifying at the same time. You hear pregnant women say that, but until it happens to you, you really have no concept of what it means.

I’m excited, but I feel unprepared as well. Going to look at the baby stuff made me realise this. I really need to make a list… or get a list of what’s required, because I really have no clue.

I keep feeling my bellly though. I can feel my ‘fundus’ (the top of my womb) starting to fill up the space between my pelvic bone and my belly button and it’s a trip. I have wow! moments every day, when I realise my boy is getting bigger.

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