I had my first official doctor’s appointment this morning. It was surprisingly quick for the cost of the thing. Yet again though, one of my friends stepped up and paid for me to go. I don’t know what good I’ve done in the world, but I am amazed at the goodwill generated for me in the Universe.

I had my third ultrasound in a month… and JOY ya’ll. My boy is fine!!!

Yet again I was amazed… this time my baby has proper arms and legs; in short he looks more human now. The best part is that he was DANCING! His little legs were kicking, his arms were waving around and he was seriously moving around.

At first I wasn’t sure what I was looking at, I asked, “Is he moving?” incredulously.

The doctor deadpanned, “And very vigorously too.”

I burst into tears. My boy is a dancer.

After I got off the table, and the nurse and doctor left me alone so I could dress… all I could do was pray up to the sky, tears running down my face, “MAFERERUN OSUN!!! MOJUBA OSUN!!!”

I am so amazingly grateful for this child… no matter I didn’t want him to be fatherless… didn’t want him to grow up like I did with a father who didn’t care about him… he’s MINE! He belongs to me, and I am blessed to have him in my life. No matter how much becoming a mother spooks the shit out of me.

My boy is a spirit dancer… like me.

P.S. The doc was out of photo paper for the machine… so no pic… ah… I wish there was a way to preserve the moment though. Guess the blog will have to do.

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