I went to the doctor this morning, hoping for a little check up.

They in fact sent me back to London College University Hospital again for another ultrasound.

On the way there, ya girl almost pitch over in Oxford Circus, and chile… vomit, vomit, vomit… one set ah bile just upchuck… it was disgusting! AWFUL!

Fortunately, a traffic cop was standing right next to me, and he came around and took care of me. I didn’t think I could walk, and had to sit down right there on the pavement.

He called an ambulance, but they wanted to take me to some other hospital’s Accident and Emergency, and what were they going to tell me? That I was pregnant and had morning sickness.

I was already on the way to the hospital for the scan.

So I made it there, and was only ten minutes late (a small miracle considering the delay in Oxford Circus).

One of my friends came down and met me there, and we sat down and talked while I was waiting to be seen.

It was just so good to have someone there, because apart from feeling sick, I was worried about the baby after my little adventure in grocery shopping on Saturday and the extra blood.

So they scanned me eventually… and they finally saw where the blood was coming from, but told me it wasn’t serious, the baby wasn’t in danger…. no sign of a miscarriage.

Of course, I was relieved. I saw him on screen. He’s BIGGER! Like he has a head, and SHAPE! And I saw his heartbeat much clearer this week. It was like a little race car… beating so fast. Aw man, I was amazed… awed that it was happening in my belly, and you know…. I was just so relieved that the baby is developing okay.

I was warned that the plane ride home might increase the amount of blood I’m discharging, because of the pressure in the cabin during flight. However, the doctor said she couldn’t tell me not to fly, because clearly going home was the best thing for me. She told me just make sure I walk with enough padding, and just take it easy and not panic. She also said as soon as I go home go to see another doctor so I can get enough pre-natal care.

:sigh: I’m just glad the baby is okay…

I think one of the reasons I’m so tired, is because I’ve been bleeding for almost a month straight, and… well yeah, ah pregnant too.

My friend got me home, and then went out and got some food for me which I deeply appreciated, because my non-eating, lack of appetite and inhibitions about eating the food of the people here where I am staying, has not made for a healthy diet last week. The fruit run on Saturday, although fraught with pressure, has improved the situation. Fruit is for the most part all I can safely keep down.

Like I said, Angels are all around me right now.

Point is, all is well today.

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