My heart is so open right now…

Not because the stupid man tried to break it… I never gave it to him, so he could never break it.

No, my heart is open and full, because all around the world people are praying for me, lighting candles, and sending love to me and the baby.

My friends are rallying behind me, so no matter how hard it’s been, the support I should have gotten from this baby’s father, and the so-called ‘friends’ I thought I could depend on, is coming from the Universe and some kind hearted souls instead. Yeah boy, when Oludumare closes a door, windows fly open all over.

If I ever had any doubts that this is a returning Ancestor in my belly, then they’re dispelled, because only Egun could work so hard on behalf of their own.

I am so blessed, and thank you to all the Angels out there who are surrounding me with love and protection.

I can feel it’s going to be okay… just need to get through the tough part….

Mafererun Egun! Mojuba Gbogbo Orisa! Mojuba Oludumare!

Ase! Ase! Ase!

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