I just had a really wonderful dream.

I had gotten off the plane in Barbados, and I was sad and upset. My mother was there and she embraced me and kissed me and told me not to worry that everything was going to be okay.

After about a week or so in Barbados, my mother said, alright enough of this moping, we’re going on a little holiday.

She didn’t tell me where we were going until we were at the airport, but my brother came with us as well.

In the dream, I remember looking out of the window and flying over a city with a huge river running through it, but we didn’t land there.

When we emerged from the plane we were in Ghana, Africa.

My mother had booked a house for us on the beach… it was kind of interesting, yet another manifestation of my Dos Aguas in my dreams.

The house was kind of on a isthmus, and there was a fresh water river running outside of the house… you crossed a bridge, and then you were on the beach with the marvellous sea beyond.

The house, was part of a kind of resort run by a European man who had settled in Ghana.

We were there for one night, when Ms. G and her daughter A showed up.

The house was huge, with loads of rooms, and I wandered around and found my mother taking a nap in one, and my brother watching TV in another.

Ms. G and I sat on the back verandah and talked.

Then I woke up…

I think everything is going to be okay….

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