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Despite having to go to the Apple Store in Regent Street, three days in a row and unsuccessfully not getting an appointment at the Genius Bar… let me take that back.

I went on Sunday, but it was too late to get an appointment that day.

I went on Monday, got an appointment, but ended spending the whole day in Accident and Emergency of London College University Hospital, waiting for them to examine me and make sure the bambino was healthy. Hence, when my appointment time rolled around, I was most forlorn looking at the clock… but of course, my baby was more important to me than getting the iPod looked at that day.

So the next day I went, and it was too late again…

So when Keef’s sent me the link for the Regent St. Concierge, I was thrilled.

So when nausea woke me up like clock work at 3.30am, I just logged on and got my choice of appointments.

I had a job interview today (went really well) and afterwards, I just toodled my butt down to Regent St. and when they called my name to the Genius Bar, I plunked mehself down, and whipped out the poor sad iPod….

After two minutes he came to the same conclusion as me, that the poor Moveable Feast was dead, but he said, “No worries”, and out came a brand new one from under the desk.

God/dess Bless WARRANTY!!! Actually, I’m quite thinking of extending my warranty another year, because it is clearly a useful thing.

So the new iPod is here, charging up and all loaded with tunes… and I am a happy camper.

Despite a rough weekend, I am actually in great spirits…. it’s kind of like seeing the ultrasound and the baby’s heartbeat and knowing it was okay, really took a huge weight off my mind.

And with my iPod back and I am good to go.

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