It’s a good thing I’m working hard.

Bluemoaner cautioned me about letting my heart get too attached to my sleeve and so I wanted to assure my peoples that I am not pining too much.

I am missing YMK. I really am, but you know, you don’t reach to a certain age as a woman — more to the point a black woman — and depend too much on what men say.

Thing is, me and the young man have unfinished business. It’s that simple.

The Young Mr. K and I are still dancing around whatever it is between us. We may get a chance to see it through yet.

Some fine ass man who’s just right for me might show up and YMK will be unfinished business steadily receding into the past. For now though, it’s just nice to know he hasn’t forgotten me, and he’s still thinking about me. It’s warming to know he wants to pick up with me; that he’s hoping for it.

Ya’ll been reading what I write about the sexy bitch, you know  our pragmatism is too well grounded to be too enamoured of fleeting or flighty fancies.

It’s still nice to know he’s missing me; thinking about me and glad to hear me when I deign to call.

So no blue, the boobs are always out, shoulders always up, strut in tact, head held high and the heart is protected by the rib cage.


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