I just had a jolt…

I just realised that I’ve read 93 books this year, and back to back some more than once (hence counting towards my read count). I have not paused once this year to NOT READ. (I’m working on 93 & 94!)

I have written about my slightly obsessive reading habits, but last year I read 86 or so books, and I thought I had read more in 2005 than I had since the days of engulfing all books at and by sheer will in childhood. So it just wowed me this morning as I was perusing my year review over at 43people.

I also have about a dozen or so books in my pile of acquisitions from this year still to read. Shucks, it’ll take me a while just to get through what I acquired from my sojourn in Hackney.

Wonder what it will be like next year…..

Maybe one of my 43 things for 2006 will be to read 100 books.

See my list at allconsuming.

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