Sometimes, I just run out of clever shit to say. But imagine how much people invest in this shit. The only difference is that Smot will always come off with more authority, because he invests his rebuttals with conviction and SKILL. Because I myself have given someone I knew in person a 17,000+ worded “fuck you and your three hole perpendicular johnny” called “An Ode To A Hard Slap”, and taken on other nitwits, naysayers, critics etc., I will defend his right to say whatever the fuck he pleases in his blog and if you have a comment box, you have a delete option too, so don’t turn around and bawl if the man expresses his opinion.

I disagree with some of what Smot says, I agree with some of it. His approach sometimes makes me uncomfortable, sometimes it makes me laugh, and obviously think as well. Half the time when I wander in and I see people’s responses to what Smotlock writes, I have to laugh. Sometimes I can just see Smot gleefully crafting sentences and choosing just the right words. I can dig that. As a writer, I know this type of interaction has only honed my own skills, so you know, when you openly throw yourself against someone who can express their ideas in far better language and style and who has the ability to be equally nasty, what do you really expect?

And that’s not (what was the term?) brown-tonguing anyone, If someone disrespected me in the way people are constantly taking on Smotlock, I would cuss ya’ll out too. I’m sorry, but Bruce Lee used to deal with people flying up at him all the time. He was never TRULY vex, he just dealt with it and did what he had to do.

In these situations, all you do is give Smot light workouts in writing rebuttals and argumentative stylistics people. I would do the same, so I am not angry at him for being his own Smotty-like self.

If I disagree enough to comment, I won’t come in the man’s blog and tell him he’s a depressing cunt, and get over himself. Plus, I know that he really doesn’t give a shit about what people say, but it’s the principle of the thing, well…

For me it’s not a personal thing. I have not one shit invested in any dispute between Smotlock and Schannah. I don’t care… I read both blogs when I have the time and the will and shall do so regardless of the outcome. If Smotlock hadn’t been an archiver like myself, I wouldn’t have had a clue about any of this.

So nobody go saying I am for Smot or for Schannah. Just adding my perspective. Someone has to be even passingly rational and point out the obvious no matter how under-appreciated it is in the long run. Fight on, don’t mind me.

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