Life has been very interesting over the last few weeks. I’ve been makings some really radical changes.

Here’s the kicker. I had two interviews last week, and I’m going back for a second interview tomorrow. This is the first one in the whole six months since I stopped working full time.

I don’t want to say it’s linked to me cutting my hair, but it’s enough to make me think.

I’m still loved up to the max and digging it… really, really digging it. It’s nice you know, to be with someone in this way… to be around someone, even if they snore like you’d forgotten people snore, cause you haven’t lived with snorers in a terrible long count of years.

It’s nice to be a woman and wanted by man. It’s nice to plan and play with plans, and throw concepts around like balls.

I’m digging my music, and my freelance work is steady regardless of permanent employment, so this last six weeks has been very interesting.

I’ve been spending a lot of time just handling my business and keeping my business to myself. My cash flow is easing up slowly. I’m no longer in quite the stranglehold situation that I was in before.

I still have so far to go, but for the first time I really don’t fell like I am fighting alone. That I can quite happily report.

Anyway, I go off to prepare for my interview tomorrow.

Wish me luck ya’ll….

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