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I woke up this morning, synced my stats for musicmobs and “Command +V” and nearly fell off my chair!

Musicmobs just exploded into a completely revamped look. Now it looks more like, and has more similar features.

All of a sudden, while getting infinitely more clickable, and easier to navigate, musicmobs which was cool, got a whole lot cooler!

I love the new playlist features, and my goodness, being able to publish them so easily is going to get addictive for me.

I’ve already published my MAMMOTH “Baby Making Music”, and it’s playable, downloadable, commentable, ratable! HA! I am totally loving this.

You know I am true blue dyed in the wool card carrying dues paying music geek, so between the new and the new musicmobs, that’s it for me…. forget all the others, these two sites are the absolute best for music pigs I’ve seen to date.

One thing I never was too keen on is the way musicmobs pulls in album art. There are far too many blank boxes in my profile, and I think there should be an option to upload album art!

The integration with iTunes is relatively seamless with both sites, and they both feature interesting ways to discover and fall in love with new music. I love it! (Love them, actually!)

Oh I am pig happy in mud this morning, but have to rush off to an interview, so will have to save my deep down playing until I get home tonight.

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