Carmen, Act 1j. Scene: ‘Carmen, Sur Tes Pas, Nous Nous Pressons Tous’ (Don Jose) — Georges Bizetmomentsah dey
: deepsigh :

No good news.

The people who had called and said they wanted me to start, after making me wait three weeks to tell me when they wanted me, have now changed their minds.

I am literally back to square one, and approaching desperation yet again.

This shit is hell on my system… going through some insomnia, worrying, worrying, worrying. I feel like there’s a tearing going on in my head sometimes, frustration is gnawing on me… and the spiritual messages about the spiritual attack that has continued, diminished at times, but without cease for the last decade, CONTINUE as well.

I am, however, not giving up.

I don’t know how I ain’t gone crazy yet, but I still have meh mind. Ah just at the end of my endurance, and lemme tell ya, if it wasn’t for prayer I do not know how I would cope. So I’m here in Peckham, praying, praying, praying hard. Ya’ll that pray remember me.

The penguins in “Madagascar” give me inspiration. Rico was the mission impossible man! Right now my life is a mission impossible…. blech.

At least I am not being complacent, I am actively looking for work still, and I’m still looking for web development work.

Anyone need a web site done? Anyone need web hosting? Anyone need domains? Anyone need blog skins?

I ready when ya’ll ready. Gimme some work! I think I’m going to check out opportunites digitales and see if I can’t find work reviewing tech or something.

A ma bu Sango, ye ye!

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