I was told that my husband was coming soon. That I shouldn’t choose based on looks, and this was a man who was deeply spiritual.

Of course, this is now the same message I’ve heard repeated to me for the last five odd years.

I’ve met men who weren’t even close to spiritual and given them a chance and it has ended up not being about anything worth talking about. Shucks, my adventures and misadventures with the infamous YMK was worth talking about. No one I met in London is worth a passing mention.

Thing is, with men it’s always such a crap shoot, and it’s hard enough to find a man, but spiritual men, priests with experience and devotion and strength enough to match me are so few as for me to unequivocally say, I have met no such man to date. None I was interested in the way men and women are interested in each other you know.

Truth is I am tired of being alone. Many of the battles I’ve been fighting would be easier if I had someone strong and devoted to me on my side.

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