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This morning when I was checking my email, I got a message about a private message over at 20 Questions.

So I toodled over to have a look, to discover that in the six months or more since I last looked at my 20 Questions profile, six people had wandered through and asked questions!

So I went through and answered all but one, and tried to toggle my settings to allow me to receive email when someone asks a question (except I thought I had done that before… alpha testing see… things does slip off from time to time.) (Mark I sent you email!!)

Anyway, anyone is welcome to ask me questions through 20 questions, and I would love it if you did.

What did kind of surprise me was the kinds of questions people are asking me. Sometimes I think that people think I’m some kind of guru or something. Let me please disabuse anyone of this idea.

I do not know all there is to know about Ifa, I am not even an initiated priest, so that is to be expected. I don’t mind answering some questions about the tradition, but you know many of these types of questions can be asked of a qualified, competent babalawo (high priest of Ifa) or olorisha (Orisha priest).

Also some really weird questions too… although the “what goes with chocolate” is the easiest question to answer. I said, “penis”.

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