momentsmuch better, oui?Hello Goodbye — Van HuntI’m hyped… I got a call from one of the agencies that I’ve been dealing with about a very interesting role I was put forward for.
This was the one I mentioned a couple of weeks back–a global organisation that I have had a passionate lifelong relationship with.
Well he (agency dude) called me and told me that they want to see me on Monday at 10am.
I am over the moon…
He told me that he put forward four very strong candidates, and I was the only one they want to see. I was the only one shortlisted. He said this was already an achievement because the competition was fierce.
He’s going to meet me before the interview to prep me, and that alone is a major difference to all the other agencies that I’ve ever dealt with in the last year. Most of these deals go down without ever meeting the people.
I’m excited… I mean really jazzed. To work for this organisation, apart from the quality of the work and a chance for responsibility and intellectual satisfaction, would be a dream. No joke, if I got it, I could also go live in Brixton, which is where I have said I wanted to live in London (I just want to be close to the market).
I am just so glad they want to see me.
Now… let’s hope I don’t worry myself away between now and Monday morning.

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