momentsbetter, oui?Butterflies — FloetrySo I am sitting in the midst of utter madness. If I had a camera I would take a picture, because one has to see it to believe it.
My normally neat flat looks like a tornado hit it. Thank God I don’t have more space or the mess would expand to encompass it. Bah…

I am hustling trying to pack up all my bits and bobs. Clothes are pretty much done… shrine done… books done… DVDs and music done. Bathroom pretty much done. Still have my desk to do and in the process of packing the kitchen, although I won’t empty the fridge until the last minute.

I went out to see my new home for August. It’s really a nice place, a nice room and the house is huge with a garden and opposite the common… I think it’s Hackney Downs actually.

In any case… things progress.

Late last night, a guy from the US called me to tell me he wanted to take the flat if it was still available, and he’s coming on Monday morning (talk about timing) and I’ve spoken with the landlord people and well, keep your fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. I’ll get back three quarters of my deposit if this guy signs the deal on Monday. (Still think this deposit shit is a racket man… )

If I get back this deposit, I’ll be able to eat on the regular in August and have enough money to maybe get another room at the end of the month.

So there you have it… things are moving. :sigh:

To be honest now that there’s no more doubt, I am just itching to get my ass out of here, no joke, but even underneath that is a sadness at having to move again. More than anything I want to put down roots somewhere.

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