So went out and saw that lady today. She gave me the project to work on, and agreed to my price without flinching (which makes me think that I went cheap, but say what!).

I also now have enough money that I can take a room that’s available in Hackney for a month, but it’ll be the same nail biting come August 31st, unless some permanent job turns up.

I must say, I am pissed off about my deposit. Let me be the first person to badmouth They are the organisation that I rented this flat from and they are cold hearted fuckers the lot of them. The way they do business is to take advantage of the people who move to England and are trying to get a start. Many of the terms in the contract were not clearly explained, and between the rush to find a place and the lack of an office when the deal went down, you know I got suckered. How are you going to rent a flat to someone and penalising them for moving out two months before the end of the contract and scarf their deposit? Anyway, I tired cussing about the motherfucker that owns this joint.

At this point, because I know I have enough money to get through the next month, my independence is not dead. Isn’t that just marvellous? I am sorry to leave the solitude this little place allowed me, but I’m really not sorry to be leaving it behind. I am definitely not sorry never to see my landlords pasty ass pug face anymore either… his eyes were dead and he talked like a robot. And he was fucking greedy.

So what’ll happen next you reckon? Think I’m going to find traction, or are you thinking this was just a little slip and traction was there under my foot all the while?

Say what, I had some serious sleep over the last few months. I mean, proper sleep. Worry may have eaten away my serenity, but you know, I really have gotten some proper sleep, oui?

Also, I went to go get a ritual tool from the babalawo I’ve been working with since February. So I am going to work on myself in spiritual terms, and pray for the success I know is mine.

So I’m not quite homeless, not quite jobless… somewhere in between. I think that’s better than where I was last week, which was three kites to a frantic yammering.

So it’s not perfect, not ideal, but you know… it’s better than nothing and I am grateful.

So I say THANK YOU! THANK YOU to the cheerleading squad I have (dumplings the lota ya’ll… love wunna man!) and THANK YOU to the GOOD SPIRITS in the Universe that are seeing to me… magic child of magic children, goddess in training and water baby.

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