I’m sure most of you would have read about the man who was shot in Stockwell Tube station on Friday morning.

I have been following the developments, and am horrified like many are to discover that the man had nothing to do with Thursday’s aborted bombing attempts.

He was just a guy, doing his thing, and he was run down and shot to death by plain clothes Metropolitan Police. He had no gun, no backpack. He was Brazilian. The police had no reason to suspect he was a terrorist. However, not one bullet in the leg to stop him from running, so he could be questioned. No friends, they plain clothes ran him down, jumped on top of him and pumped five bullets into his shoulders and head.

If as near to bedlam as possible was what these so-called terrorists want–as the media so readily sings along with the politicians rote, ‘Go about your business people” schtick–the police are running around trigger happy no ass.

Shame! Shame on their racist asses!!

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