Symphony No. 7 In A Major (Allegro Con Brio) — Ludwig Van Beethoven
Things have taken a not completely surprising upswing. After weeks of mostly silent and errant calls, despite a steady wave of CV sends, I got six calls from agencies in the last two days.

Two of them for jobs, I’d love to do. One involving an organisation I’ve been involved with since childhood, the other ass deep in books (what could be better in life?)

I’ve also gotten a few offers of independent web development work. This is good.

Even better, I’m finally getting some interest in my flat, so if God is good and my prayers heard, I might get back my deposit. If I could get two freelance projects, I might just survive August without too much travail.

There is a major kink though. The lady who had told me I could stay with her, has told me I can’t transfer my phone to her place while I’m there, so this poses a problem regarding Internet access.

As in, I simply cannot go back to not having any. Serious. No joke.

In any case, it will serious fuck up my ability to search for work online, any chance of getting freelance work completed and worse, my blog regularity.

Right now, I am down to the nitty gritty in terms of money…. as in little more than a few weeks and only if I literally stay off the street and eat little.

:sigh: Today was hopeful though. Lots of positive phone calls, potential… something has to give soon.

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