the grindhorrifiedMy Struggles (Featuring Mary J. Blige & Grand Puba) — Missy ElliotOkay, I am in the middle of some serious shit. This city is under attack. I am in the middle of a terrorist attack.
What the fuck!!! Seven bombs sources say have exploded across the Tube in Central London.

Never have I been so glad not to have one fucking place to go today, but what’s scary is that I was on the Tube all day yesterday!!!

Some of my people’s I’ve checked in with, to make sure they’re okay, but some I cannot raise because the phone network is naturally under serious fire.

I am quite horrified, but wonder if it’s related to London winning the London 2012 Olympic bid, or the G8 conference.

I am just sitting here shaking. Like shaky no ass…. believe that.

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