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So one of those interviews came back with feedback, and they thought I gave a good interview, but that I didn’t ask enough questions. The feedback was that they didn’t get the impression that I really wanted to work there.
How could I not have wanted to work there. Shucks! I fucked up too apparently, because I asked how much money I was going to make and if they were willing to sponsor training which was to be for the second interview. :sigh: These people have hoops and you know I am not really a trained poodle.
Also, it was down to me and another person and that person came with two pages of questions, structured in bullet form and the interviewer cared about that. Technically we were both on par, but the other person got it. I also had problems reading the interviewer, she seemed pleasant, but I let her guide the interview rather than turning on my shine full blast, and maybe that was what I should have done. Stun her into submission.

:sigh: I also haven’t gotten any feedback from the big telecom on either of the two things I got put forward for. So now I am getting anxious, and my bank balance is dwindling down. Rent is due in a few days and once that is done, I don’t know how I am paying August’s rent unless I starve and go nowhere the whole of July.

Also, right now my brother is stressed out because my father is doing his bastard routine. Don’t mind he is sick, my father is not a very nice man, and I think I’ve said this before. He can be very charming when he wants to, but he can be equally spiteful and destructive and well, the drinking and drugs would depress anyone who’s living there and watching it. I know, it’s why I left his house after six months. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around his shit, and I wasn’t too accepting of his bastard routine when he chooses to show his ass.

More to this, I do not want to go back to the Caribbean. The way I feel, I could get on a plane again and vanish into South America and go live on a mountain somewhere and write. :sigh: That’s not practical, but I am so fucking sick of being unsure about what the fuck is going to happen next and where my life is going. I JUST WANT TO SETTLE DOWN!! Even though I’ve been enjoying my downtime in my pseudo-agrophobic way, I just can’t sustain it much longer. I’m quite bored. I am also terrified of being without money again. I mean really fucking terrified.

That’s all I can say right now. To say more is going to spook me too much.

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