Odes to Mac Os X continue. My new blog skin works perfectly in Safari RSS, but in no other browser. Hence, a new tinkering with the template round begins.
Partially, this is because of the interview yesterday. Chile, meh could tell ya the whole drama, but let’s just leave it at delays and miscommunication and finally, intense traffic delays. Eshu The Trickster at work.

There was a test I didn’t expect, and although I know my stuff, it’s been so long since I took a test, and some of the questions asked me to use information I hadn’t accessed in so long that I can tell you now, I know I didn’t ace it. That kind of bothered me, but you know… I knew most of the stuff, but I didn’t have enough time and because I’ve been working at other things for the last year, :sigh: I did the best I could.

Also, I was using pencil and paper to write code and that is like trying to carve on a delicate surface with sword. In any case, I don’t think I did badly, but I was not prepared for that and it showed in some ways it’s too late to fix now.

The experience has sent me into code junkie mode though. I have blogged often enough about my code glut mode, so let me not repeat myself. However, with Sunhead turning 9 (O MI GOD! How could that time just fly so?) on July 1, I see a serious look at all my sites in terms of code, standardisation and optimisation and to operating practices. So watch this space for more info.

I guess this is how it goes with me. A challenge is placed before me, and I dig deep and rise to it. I cyan help myself.

Could you lovely people so inclined, please, please visit my JS devblog and post your browser version and OS? All you feedback helps me to refine the template, and gets the new layout go live faster.

My cousin oyasdawta had her baby prematurely; a girl and of course named Kehinde. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her baby at this time. I am hoping she is alright.

Other than that I am glad to be at home. No more interviews this week, thank goodness… but I’m up for a good few things, so feedback is imminent one way or the other. It’s down to who is offering me the best opportunity now. I’m glad that I’m getting to talk with people at some large companies, I’m hoping one will turn out to be the role that feels right for me. I’ll soon need to decide one way or the other… my money will run out eventually, no matter how careful I am.

I am not feeling rushed, and I am not worrying… I am just taking as much sleep as I can… doing research and trying to be as proactive as I can be.

I am off to code darlings!

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