Ochun Shamou
This morning, as I sit in my little flat, slowly moving into preparation for this interview today with the big international telecom, I am filled with the spirit of Osun. I feel her, all around me.
Alafia Omi! Ye Ye O!

My “Cantos Para Osun” playlist in iTunes, is on rotation after a night of Michael Nyman’s music for the soundtrack to “The Piano”, and now I know the songs so well, I am singing for my Mama in Portuguese, Spanish, Yoruba and Engish only rarely.

Again, I feel calm and serene and She is here with me.

My hair is rolled and ready to spring loose in more curly curls, I have all my stuff ready. I am going to bathe… or power shower I should say.

All is well… I feel good.

Big Mami blessing it up!

Wish ya’ll could hear what I was hearing.

“Osun Baleo! Ye Ye Baleo! Osun Baleo A La Gwe, Akete Im Baileo!” (Spelling atrocious, I know.) But beautiful….

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