Banquet — Bloc Party

So I am sitting here in my little flat, my locks washed and clean, rolled in some soft rollers and hair sprayed, my nails painted and with some starch for my blue linen suit and my shoes polished in preparation for my interview tomorrow.
My copy of the Star Wars Trilogy (Episodes IV through VI) FINALLY came tomorrow, so I’ve spent the day watching all three movies and am now on the bonus material. Oh lord, I am so enjoying watching them again.

I am feeling quite calm and serene. I fed my Egun last night, and I will make them another offering tomorrow morning, asking for their blessing before I go off to this interview. I feel strong in my spirit, and feeling as though things will work out the way they’re supposed to.

Other than that, nothing. I am deep in meh sci fi ting, because I know have all three extended versions of The Lord of The Rings, Star Wars and The Dark Tower series to work my way through. I’m almost finshed Nalo Hopkinson’s Salt Roads…

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