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I got this in my email from a woman I used to work with in Trinidad. Occasionally forwards can give you something to think about. However, I won’t engage in e-mail forwarding… I just don’t do it. So my way of sharing is to blog… In any case, I edited it a bit, cleaned it up, and here it is.

A man has the power to love a woman in a way that she has never been loved, and yet hurt her with the same intensity. A man has the power to treat a woman like a queen then turn around and make her wish she was never born. A man has the power to make a woman cry with happiness and joy, then turnaround and make her cry with hurt and anger. A man has the power to let a woman feel free and wanted, but also Feel disgusted and unworthy. A man has the power to look a woman in her face and tell her he loves her, but turn around and sleep with her best friend. A man has the power to make you fall in love with him within days, and hate him within minutes. During sex a man has the power to make a woman feel like she’s in heaven, and afterwards makes her feel like a whore. A man has the power to change a woman from having goals, to living out his goals instead of her own. Why is it that men have such power? They have so much power, because we give it to them. The power of a man wouldn’t mean anything without a woman. So ladies when times are hard between you and your man and you realise that he treats you bad, remember that he can only do what you allow. Never underestimate your power because without it, you are stuck with the power of a man!!. Don’t forget that God gave WOMEN will power and they are very near to God’s heart, so let no man have dominion over you but God! From a powerful woman… NOW SEND THIS TO ALL THE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN YOU KNOW AND THE MEN SO THAT THEY CAN TRY & UNDERSTAND WOMEN!

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