Yeye Ochun — Los Munequitos De MatanzasCuban BembeSo I got up and went to see Star Wars. I thought George acquitted himself very well. Although there were the same problems with the wooden acting and dialogue, this film was definitely a realisation of the story’s grandeur.
Oh yes, it was well worth waiting to see it, and nice to see it without huge crowds and late at night. I could concentrate more… but a review is in another post. There was a little sadness when I exited the cinema, but a nice man behind the counter gave me a Yoda Star Wars poster and ya’ll know Yoda is my favourite.

Today a friend is coming to get me and we’re going to a bembe in Brixton. A bembe, for those of you who do not know, is a celebration for the Orishas. Bembe is used to describe drums, a style of drumming or a gathering where those drums and rhythms are used.

I believe the one I am going to is for Shango. In any case, it will be the first time in more than a year that I have participated in any gathering for the Orishas. That is kind of mind blowing in itself, since it was such a regular part of my life.

I have very few ‘working white’ these days. I left all my whites in Trinidad, but I have a nice full pale, sunflower yellow skirt and a white long sleeved shirt with flowers on it that I am going to wear. Of course, I have white cotton to wrap my head.

I am looking forward to it! I am looking forward to singing for my Mama….

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