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Complete this sentence: I tend to look into the deepest crevice of my being when…  

a) I’m depressed  
b) when I’m criticized  
c) when I’m alone and quiet
d) when I’m going through a crisis of spirit  
e) when someone I loved dies

Sungoddess: D

Spiritually speaking, I consider myself

a) peacefully centered  
b)  in constant search of serenity  
c) a work in progress  
d)  usually frazzled  
e)  hmmm… what’s spirituality?

Sungoddess: C

When faced with a serious crisis, I usually

a) seek mentoring and/or guidance from a higher source
b) have a few drinks and bury it
c) become introspective  
d) lash out at those around me  
e) talk to a close and trusted friend
f) let go, knowing the Universe will provide  

Sungoddess: F

Are you of the age and a time in your life where you feel your experiences (both good and bad), have hardened you, or enlightened you?

Enlightened me

Have you ever felt emotionally corrupt, wounded and/or bandaged from toe to head? If so what healed you?

Intense psychological rebuilding and reorganisation

Do you feel truly free to soar side by side with another soul?

Not right now

Do you ever feel that you need someone to hold you up?  If so, in those instances, to whom do you turn?

Usually I only have myself to rely on, but occasionally I will turn to my mother.

Do you believe you have reached The Age of Good Cogent Reasoning?  If not, when do you suspect you will?

Yes, I think I’ve gotten there.

Is making a true and pure connection important to your life, vital to your heart, and your Spirit… or do you feel your journey is to be a solo flight?

Important, vital and inevitable…

You perceive the value of a person lies mostly in  

a) their mind  
b) their intentions  
c) their words  
d) their appearance  
e) their heart

Sungoddess: E

If you could choose one word to describe your own Essential Nature, that word would be

a) honest
b) curious  
c) caring  
d) conflicted  
e) deceptive

Sungoddess: B

When you walk into a cocktail party full of strangers, you  

a)  observe and speak only when spoken to  
b)  extend your self  to others
c)  huddle in a corner with your drink  
d)  find a partner and critique the room  
e)  dance, make jokes, become the life of said party  
f)  have a quick drink and make a quicker exit

Sungoddess: B

Which of these phrases would others most likely to use to describe you?  

a)  easy and open  
b)  quiet and reticent  
c)  deep and slightly mysterious  
d)  difficult and argumentative  
E)  intelligent and provocative  
F)  fun-loving and silly

Sungoddess: E

You tend to smile most

a) because you’re happy  
b) when you’re in love
c) when you hear a funny joke
d) when you reflect on the past  
e) sometimes without any good reason.

Sungoddess: E

You believe the best partner should

a) be your emotional twin  
b) compliment your differences  
c) offer new vistas of experience  
d) be interested and interesting  
e) should be fine and sexy as a mofo

Sungoddess: C

Ask yourself honestly, do you ever find that you tend to ask for more than you deliver in return? Would like to change your answer?

No and no

When you gaze in your mirror you find  

a) your eyes really are the windows to your soul
b) you’re aging very well  
c) you concentrate on your physical imperfections  
d) you smile with inner contentment
e) you’re very much a work in progress

Sungoddess: B

The last person who loved and lost you would most probably say  

a) damn!  I really blew a good thing!  
b) you just weren’t ready for the serious stuff  
c) I hope you get what they deserve someday  
d) the next person you love will be so damned lucky  
e) good riddance!

Sungoddess: A

If you were given a video tape of a day in your life from 10 years ago, viewing this tape today, you would say  

a) wow!  I was really an unformed being  
b)  nothing’s really changed  
c)  time is my mortal enemy    
d) evolving is a beautiful thing  
e)  I want my old life back!

Sungoddess: D

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