Dreams Of The Ordinary Guy

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Last night I dreamt about an ordinary guy… he wasn’t super good looking, but passable, and he was tall and strapping, his body was like ‘ON’.

I was living in a house I think with my mother, brothers and father, but it was sprawling and I had my own space. These guys would come and hang out at our house, because we lived next to or near a football field, and they went to play there.

I was kind of interested in this other guy who was friends with The Ordinary Guy, and the other guy kind of engineered an introduction between myself and The Ordinary Guy. I was preoccupied with other things, so I was polite and sociable, but I didn’t react to the Ordinary Guy with immediate atavistic attraction.

However, I found he was around all the time after that. He wasn’t a flirter, but quietly assured of himself and it seemed at one point that no sooner than I developed a problem, than he was there to help fix it.

As time went on, I found myself beginning to be attracted to him, but I didn’t want to admit it to myself, because I had been liking this other guy; but then the other guy (who was a friend first and foremost) came to talk to me on behalf of the other guy.

I told the other guy I had been liking him for a while, and he told me that I shouldn’t look for him because he wasn’t on a relationship scene at all; in fact he said he was trying to set me up with The Ordinary Guy for months, but that I kept my distance. He asked me if I liked The Ordinary Guy at all, and I said yes… there was something there, but I had been ignore it.

“Don’t ignore it anymore,” he said. “That man is in love with you.”

So I started to pay more attention. It wasn’t like he was falling all over himself, it was more like he’d watch me, and when he talked with me, he paid close attention to everything I said. It was very nice without being overbearing. So this kind of non-sexual relationship developed between us and he wasn’t so plain looking any more. It seemed as though he grew more beautiful with my regard to him. He was such a strong, but gentle man…

In the dream, buttongoddess was there, and we were talking about stuff and walking down to the river to bathe. On our way there, we heard a bunch of people singing for Oshun, but we couldn’t see them at first. We were walking along the river, and there was a hill along one side of the path, and It sounded like they were up the hill.

When I finally saw them, I scrambled up the hill and realised I knew everybody there. So I sang with them, sang my heart out! “Ite wele wele ita Oshun, Ite wele wele.” It was strange–but not strange in a dream sort of way–that I knew all the songs. I sung lustily and from the gut.

Later in the dream, I think there was some kind of natural disaster or political upheaval, because it seemed like everything around me was going beserk. I was in my room and The Ordinary Guy came to the window to find out if I was alright. Then he told me he was in love with me. He said he wasn’t sure what was going to happen, so he didn’t want to not tell me and something happened to him. I kind of panicked and grabbed him, tried to hold him, but he only held me tightly for a minute before he disappeared again.

Later, I’m thinking it’s weeks later…. he shows up at the window one night and he comes into my room. I was anxious for him since the last time I had seen him, and the way my soul responded to seeing him, I knew I was in love with him. We made love and in the dream I kept thinking, “How could I have ignored this man?” In the dream I kept thinking it was best sex I had ever had and he somehow became more beautiful than I could have thought.

We were wrapped around each other when I woke up….

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