dreamsa little on edgeNothing For Nothing — Mansa MusaLast night I dreamt of my son. It’s been such a long time since I have had such a vivid dream, it’s kind of caught me off guard.
In the dream I was pregnant, and somewhat listless…. I believe I was talking to Oyasdawta, and living in a house with many rooms.

When the time came, I was in a bedroom in the house, gripping the posts for assistance. I don’t remember a whole bunch of people. He was a beautiful baby…. caramel coloured and when I saw him I was overjoyed, in love with him, amazed that I had done this thing.

I had the baby, and a few days later, went down to my last office. I met a guy I know down there and we were chatting. When he asked me how I was, I said I had just had a baby and there was no milk. So we kept chatting back to the railway station. When I got there, he handed me a bag with stuff in it, food and so on.

I went home. When I got there, a woman I know from Barbados and is a friend was there at the house and some other girl I didn’t know.

They had come to see the baby. I wasn’t at home when they got there.

Then in the dream, either time advances or the baby has super powers, because it was growing fast, fast… so he had hair, and he was walking and talking.

His father appeared…. in the dream he was a vaguely familiar man, but I couldn’t place him in real life.

We were involved, but you know, with problems. We had another baby.

In the dream, he just ups and decides that we should split up the children, one stays with me, one goes with him…. I refused.

Now I wonder what it all means….

The son made me feel warm, organised, focussed, strong, and he was so beautiful.

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