So on Sunday afternoon, I took off to Kilburn High Street to do a little shopping.

While up there, and seeing the whole place just bustling with activity, I thought I’d try my luck at getting something I could use to create a more permanent shrine for my Egun (Ancestors).

Since moving into my flat, I haven’t done much in terms of prayers for my Ancestors, because of the size of the place.

They say it’s not good to set up a shrine in the room you sleep; especially if you’re planning to have sex in the same room. It’s kind of like having sex in front of your grandparents… it’s also dangerous, because a shrine is a conduit between this world and the next, and while you’re sleeping you’re vulnerable to forces beyond your control.

So for my part, I held off on creating a new shrine.

I wanted to find a cupboard that could be completely enclosed and hidden from prying eyes, and sealed the space that I honour my Ancestors in.

So I saw this little furniture shop and went in. Looked around, but there were only two possibilities; both of them with doors that had decorative slits. Both of them runing around £130. Mind very beautiful, but just not quite what I wanted.

That was a good deal more than I had hoped to spend, but the guy in the shop was being very solicitous and even offered to pay a cab for me to take it away.

However, this little voice in my head and a feeling in my stomach very much protested against this and so I listened. I told the guy I wanted to walk around a little, then come back after I decided.

He tried to hard sell me, lowering the price and trying to sweeten the pot.

However, I diplomatically extricated myself and kept on walking.

The same little voice told me, “Look left…” and when I did, there was a little store with beautiful wooden shelves and cupboards spread out on the sidewalk.

I crossed the street and went in and after half a turn in the cramped, crowded musty but charming little shop, there it was… EXACTLY what I wanted… a kind of used, slightly banged up little cupboard with stunning brass detailing and check this: £60 less than the cupboards I had seen just a half an hour before.

I paid for it on the spot, and here are the pictures.

I know my ancestors guided me to the house they wanted, and well I plan to clean it and prepare it, cook a feast for them and finally after nine months in England, get them a house to live in.


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