I am so fucking tired!

I’ve been on call at work since Friday night–but working at home. You’d think working at home is more comfortable, but the only advantage is that you don’t have to dress and wrestle the train. (Oh, and you can watch TV out of the corner of your eye.)

All the muscles in my back and neck hurt, and I have a low grade headache.

Today makes seven days straight I’ve been working, and I have to go to work tomorrow, and the next day and the next.

I do get a day off–paid of course–but I want to take that and scheduled interviews for prospective jobs during it so I can still get paid.

Next thing, I am in the middle of all sorts of drama. I haven’t been paid, even though my money has been approved by the company for almost two weeks. Turns out that the agency never sent my money to payroll, even though I spoke with my account manager on the day the money was approved and he confirmed he was sending it through.

On Thursday gone, I spoke with him and he lied and said he had never seen it, although we spoke about it.

My rent was due on Friday, and my landlord is an asshole motherfucker, and told me he’s charging me a late fee and and extra ten pound for every night I’m in the flat without paying my rent.

He says if he doesn’t get it Tuesday, he’s changing the locks on Wednesday and charging me an extra £50 to open the door and give me keys.

In addition, a friend I made since I was up here, someone who was a good friend, and the organiser of a group I participate in, has turned ugly on me.

See, one of the members of the group he has friction with; stupidly might I add, because the guy is friends with one of his arch-enemies.

Well the guy who’s friends with his arch-enemy, made friends with me, and he’s turning it into a, ‘I am betraying him’ scenario.

So the last few days have been super, super stressful to say the least.

However, I am alright.

Planning to take a white bath as soon as I get paid. Which incidently is going to fucking happen tomorrow or all fucking hell is breaking loose.


As for my ‘friend’, I think he is being very immature, and it seems a little strange for him to be so emotionally unbalanced because two people unrelated to his relationship with his arch-enemy, choose to be friends.

So I’m trying to keep this in perspective.

As for money, I have kind friends who care about me who are keeping me going; so I am managing.

To tired to keep typing now.

Going to crash big time.


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