Gad oi!

I am going to be 31 tomorrow.

Kiss my ASS!

Where did the last ten years go? I remember my 21st birthday vividly, because I was due to go to the Caribbean Women Writers Conference in Wellesley, Mass. and had to go to the US Embassy in Port-of-Spain to get my passport stamped to travel. I remember the burning heat (anyone who’s gone through the POS US Embassy, can tell you what it’s like) and the indifference of the guard; the excitement of going to the states….

That year my grandmother organised a birthday cake and a red carnation to be delivered to the paper (where I was working at the time, and most recently in Trini), and I worked that day.

Just where did the last ten years go?

I am nowhere I thought I was going to be. I’m not who I was for sure, and I’m certainly not who I thought I would be.

I’m so well and truly grown up now, that it boggles the mind. Especially since I still feel as though I’m 18 still. I don’t really feel any different.

I am most pleased about the progress of the last year… except I wish I had some of that good totie to celebrate with like I did last year. This year, it’s deprivation, oui?

Oyasdawta says I should buy a sex toy, but ai ya! I miss the sweat, the funk, that good stuff. No plastic thing can do me like that.

Sexual frustration aside, I am really not looking forward to coming to work tomorrow. I’ve worked every birthday for the last five years, and well… I wish I could take the day off, that the sun shines all day and that some fabulous man comes along and I let go my inhibitions… :sigh: I’m allowed at least one or two birthday fantasies aren’t I?

Well here’s to my 31st!

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