I’m so passionate for this week to end. I want to tell you I plan to sleep, but I am unpredicatable these days… I find I’m too used to getting up early now and even on weekends and days off, I cannot sleep past a certain hour. Even if I get up and go back to sleep later, I must at least get up and turn around my space a little. I such a cat.

It’s my biological clock, man… it dread, dread. Once it’s set, it takes months of extended inactivity to undo… been that was since I was a kid.

Anyway, more birthday news: spent a little more money on myself and bought a couple pairs of pants and a couple tops. Everything is on sale at the moment, so they didn’t cost much and I desperately needed clothes. I had a tragic incident with the dryer at the laundrette a few weeks back and it’s left me with (prior to last night) with two pairs of pants and a handful of tops. (Do not ask… let’s just say I found out that dryers in foreign does shrink business proper, oui?)

Point is, I’m feeling more human these days….

I loooooooovvvvvvvveeeeee my iPod!

How ubiquitous is the iPod that when I walked into the kitchen at work, this dude takes one look at me and sings out, “Oh no! Not another iPodder!” Then he goes on to tell me that Steve Jobs is not God… I blithely replied, “I don’t think he’s God, but I’d follow him into hell if needs be.” He also suggested the Rio range of

The iPod Photo is nice too. The colour screen is marvellous; these modern iPods also have these little features that make a marked difference and improvement over my first generation iPod…. but of course, the best part is filling it up….

Ahhhh….. suddenly the train trip down to Newbury every day and the one going back seem so much shorter than before. On the Tube, every third or fourth person has those little white headphones, and well… I find myself wondering what they’re listening to.

Feeling pretty good about myself these days and this year’s annual birthday identity crisis doesn’t seem nearly as bothersome. And why I have to ask myself. I think it’s because just about everything I had planned to do last birthday has come to pass. I achieved far more in the last year, and it was twice as hard as I anticipated, but I fucking did it.

I don’t want to say I am proud, because it may come off as arrogance, but I think that’s how I feel. Proud of myself for finally achieving goals I set for myself.

I think the next six months is going to be cathartic as well… I sense myself going into a phase of deep, deep work on myself as well.

I want to purge toxins out of my system and build my fitness level… I want to learn more about the spiritual work I must undertake and I sense the next year will see huge spiritual leaps forward.

I welcome it… been waiting for it all for a long time, but like they say, small steps first before you run.

I am on schedule for utter fabulousness in my 30s… the first year of my fourth decade has been momentous and life changing and I feel good about it.

Going forward rocking all the way!

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