Wired To The Gills

So today is the day. It looks, at least from this 8.37am time frame, that BT is going to come and install my phone line, and Homechoice is going to come and install my broadband.

I am sure you (dear reader) are used to me bitching about my Net deprivation, but to be this close to an end to that suffering is more than I can tell you. To be able to surf at high speed – AT HOME – is a joy I personally count as high among the reasons I came north.

No joke, frustration with the unreliability dial up in the Caribbean, (in Trinidad particularly) and the high cost of unlimited Internet access (in Trinidad particularly) is chief among my rationalisations for the move to England. I really wanted to be able to have super-fast, always on Internet access after reading about the options from Eatel and other ISPs outside of Trinidad. Plus the price of tv internet packages is so much cheaper outside of that place. So if you read this, this afternoon, it will mean I have again achieved one of the goals I set for myself as a part of this great life endeavour of mine.

Eyaniev has been spending sometime hanging out with me. It’s been really cool. We’ve talked and talked, had a mini-movie marathon and pretty much stayed close to home and chilled out. It’s been really nice to have the company.

She’s very concerned about my smoking and such, like some of my non-smoking friends are, but I told her, like I tell all the non-smoking people 1) I’ll stop when I am ready, 2) smoking won’t kill me. I don’t think she believes me, but you know, I guess for me, I’m so used to being around smokers that I I’ve sort of forgotten what it’s like to be not smoking and being around smokers. :sigh: I try to spare her as much as possible, but still….

The end of my five-day mini-break from work is at an end today. It’s been marvellous not to have to get up early and go do that super-commute. I can’t describe it. I’ve been sleeping until a positively decadent 8am, and then taking extra naps. Have to fit in as much sleep as possible, because tomorrow it’s back to missing it.

Next, and still high among my concerns is my computer access. My laptop, my Sweetbaby…. I mean I have real pity for it. Poor thing! The only thing is I don’t think I can afford to replace it yet. Last week I had a conversation with my line manager, and she tells me they’re not sure they have the budget to renew my contract, so I don’t know if I will have a job come the end of April.

However, the good news is that I got a call from an agency about a job—in London—and they’re trying to fit in an interview for me next week. (Don’t know how I’m going to get out of work for the day to arrange that, but of course I said ‘Yes’ to the man anyway.)

Children, all I can tell you is that my belly tell me on a level that I won’t go back to the desperation and deprivation of the first six months I was in London. I feel in everyway things have turned around for me.

I write to you from my flat, now wired and watching some proper television. I have gone from itinerant, unemployed and having to depend on the public library system and cybercafes for intermittent and brief Internet access, to having a good job, a nice place to live and 2MB broadband in the space of two months!

I was telling eyaniev this morning after BT and Homechoice left that I feel like a human being again. I feel as though opportunity and possibility is now a limitless quotient in making my life work the way I want it to work. Not because I’m wired again, but because my life is finally going in the direction I have wanted it to go in for years.

So here it is: there will be longer more regular posts to my blog. I hope those of you who have faithfully reading are glad to hear that. Eyaniev has already told me she’s glad to know that I’m going to be posting more, because she said she was always disappointed when she passed by and realised I hadn’t been by in days.

So all is well darlings… continuing to be well. I have friends, I have life, I am alright.

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