Well, here I am, enjoying a five day break from work. It’s Easter weekend, and I’m luxuriating in sleeping until 8.30am now two days in a row, and going to sleep at nine… **bliss**

Yesterday, our eyaniev came by (she’s in England on a two week holiday–got in on Thursday) around 11.30. For the next six or so hours, we talked non-stop, had lunch, trawled Queens Park (the actual park) and laughed over dessert.

Say what, it’s good to have a good friend around.

Today, another good friend, but from Trini this time, is coming by and bringing some dhal and curried vegetables for me… my first Trini curry since being in London. I expect, it’ll be another talk-a-and-giggle-a-thon, but hey….

Tomorrow I’m going over to monilove’s to hang out, as it is her flatmates birthday. She also asked me to help her out and show her the White Bath.

It’s kind of interesting to me, because even in our conversations now, I don’t hold anything she did, or the way she treated me against her. I still love her. It’s just I don’t think she understands friendship the way I do, and that’s alright. Thing is, I’m still her friend. For me, to love is to accept people faults, warts and all…. and with her it’s the same. I know I will find the opportunity to talk to her about what went down, but you know, for me it’s important not to do it in a confrontational way.

In any case, that’s what it is. I’m pretty sure I committed to do something on Monday as well, but for the life of me, I’ve forgotten what it is.

Tuesday BT comes and installs my land line in the morning, and Homechoice my broadband in the afternoon. After that folks, sister girl will be wired and you can expect a lot more activity on this here blog thing.

I am looking forward to it… truly. To once again be surfing at my leisure instead of relying on cybercafes and fleeting moments on other people’s computers… yet another form of bliss.

Sad thing is, I really do need to replace my iBook. Poor  thing… so I’m still trying to hunt down the fastest, cheapest Mac I can afford.

So there you go… just a little update.

After next Tuesday, they shall become more frequent if God spares my life.

Bless it up!

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