I am learning to hate shoes. Truly.

One of the things I now miss in retrospect was the freedom to wear what I wanted to work at the paper.

In retrospect, I can now say that there were some advantages to that job, even though I bitched and moaned about it for ages. Unfortunately though, the disadvantages far outweighed the benefits.

In Trinidad, I could wear sandal push-toe, ‘jesus’ slippers to work and did for a year… went through three pairs to be honest. I could also wear jeans, spaghetti strap dresses and t-shirts if I felt like it. Mind you, I didn’t always feel like it. I dressed to the nines quite frequently; went to work encased in high quality white linen and very professional jackets from time to time. You know, I dressed to suit my mood.

People in this country seem quite up tight about this whole dressing shit.

For me, the cold has forced me to wear court shoes (enclosed shoes) something I haven’t done on a regular basis since I left school at age 17.

More to the point, I am one of those stereotypical barefoot wild children… I grew up running around on rocks, broken glass and rusty nails. Even when I hit my twenties and stopped that barefoot going about, I still wore open toe flat slippers… ask anyone about me and that.

So for the last several days, the small toes on both feet have reached the point of loud protest. So much so, I’ve not been able to wear any boots for the last two days, relying instead on sneakers. Even the sneakers press too much on my toes.

Every step has been agonising. My small toes now have little pain-filled ridges on them, and you know… trust modern day England’s drug stores to eschew epsom salts… but ‘bath salts’ are so readily available in dozens of useless scents…

:sigh: Okay… in a weird place… glad to be here but missing some stuff about home.

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