Ochun says you’re heading to hear about a pleasant surprise. Your projects are within an ace of clicking, a dream you thought could never come true. Congrats! This is owed to the protection of your guarding Orisha. Show her some thankfulness by offering her a watermelon smeared in sugar cane syrup and served on a white and blue dish. Seven days later, wrap the melon in a piece of blue cloth and put it in the sea together with seven one-cent coins. A rivulet, a river or a lagoon could do the trick.


Orula says you’re feeling fine these days and your lucky star is shining brighter than ever before. This is owed to the protection of your guarding Orisha, but especially of Chango. Show this Orisha you really trust him by offering him a bunch of bananas wrapped in a red ribbon. Four days later, you’ll lay the bundle at the base of a palm tree or a ceiba.

From: Caribbean Inside: a portal of the Caribbean and the America

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