Ochun says you cannot be a stubborn, obsessed person. Your intuition is on the right track and is a beacon leading you to port, yet this attitude may bring a few unwanted problems. For you to relax and keep your cool at least in the way you could bring up the best in you and chalk up better personal outcomes- Ochun, your guarding Orisha, suggests you to offer Orula a red snapper smeared in cacao and cohune palm oils. You should put the snapper in a green-and-yellow-rimmed dish and before the fish goes to waste, throw the whole bundle on top of your roof. You’ll soon be basking in this Orisha’s wisdom to get back on track once again.


Orula says you’re feeling fine these days and your lucky star is shining brighter than ever before. This is owed to the protection of your guarding Orisha, but especially of Chango. Show this Orisha you really trust him by offering him a bunch of bananas wrapped in a red ribbon. Four days later, you’ll lay the bundle at the base of a palm tree or a ceiba.

From: Caribbean Inside: a portal of the Caribbean and the Americas

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