Sometimes I don’t know what does possess me.

The last few weeks that I’ve been going to work, I try to buy my pass the day before so I don’t have to rush Monday morning like a mad woman to the crowded counter and then dash across the train station to the platform. Ah does find dat is too much stress, oui?

So on Sunday afternoons I take my time and go, renew the ticket and then just find my way calmly and collectedly to the station.

Well the first week I did it, I noticed one FINE-ass dreadlocks brother behind the counter. I was there hoping that  I would be the next in the queue to go to his counter so I could be cute and flirt, right? Except, things don’t ever see to work out that way. Two weeks running, it was the old Asian man (who flirted with me anyway) and then the young Punjabi, who wasn’t pon them scenes and I wasn’t pon his, feel me.

So I’d just let my eyes stray a little, and try not to watch no face and just say, well next week is a new week.

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