Since Saturday afternoon it’s been snowing intermittently. For me it’s been a delight, because I think I had mentioned before that I had never seen it.

This morning on the way to work, it was everywhere. Because the train travells through the Thames Valley countryside to get to the campus where I work, I was treated to white sheened  fields, and eddies of snow swirling outside the window where I sat.

It was beautiful.

I know it’s a novelty that will probably wear off, but I loved it. I thought to myself how much life is filled with new things to experience, and no matter how jaded you are, something comes along that surprises you, gives you simple pleasure.

As I walked into my building, one of my colleagues was laughing at me, because I was walking with my tongue held out so I could catch some of the fat flakes on my tongue.

Typically English weather though, after a half an hour inside the building, the snow stopped, the sun came out and within another half hour, all the snow had melted.

It’s been coming off and on all day, and I hear they say it will snow more between now and the end of the week. I’m going to enjoy it.

Personally I’d love to go toboggan down a hill or something. I’ll pass on the skis, but a great big bowl and a gentle incline I would just love to play with. Wanna do snowmen and other things people who grow up with snow take for granted.


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