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WideThinker Books is publishing a collection of stories on women’s sexuality. Sitting in various waiting rooms, whether waiting for a checkup, a life changing test result, or a “procedure”, each of us has a story to tell, yet we don’t tell it, as we were told as children “not to put our business in the street”, and “young ladies don’t kiss and tell”. While privacy is a good thing, silence can breed shame, and a feeling of being the “only one” going through the challenges that coping with our sexuality can bring to our lives. Sharing our stories empowers us, and empowers other women who may be struggling with the very things you are brave enough to write about. If you are a woman over the age of 18, we want to hear your story.

This anthology will not contain detailed sexual encounters, but rather, each story will be an open discussion of how you have experienced sexuality in your life.

From: Erotica Readers Association

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