Allyuh remember my passing experience working with my cousin’s friend doing street patrol for this night club, right?

Well it’s been a week and a half since the last night I worked, and this guy has not paid me. Worse, I think he’s ducking me.

I called him a little while ago, and he sounded like he was faking coughing fits and shit. He’s been not picking up, not returning calls for more than a week now, and he was supposed to pay me last weekend.

I have a feeling he’s sticking because last weekend I told him I couldn’t work the street patrol, it was too tiring and I was starting my new job this week. He seemed pissed off when I told him, but I didn’t think he’d fuck me up. He knows/knew I needed that money to see me through this week. I expressly told him that I needed the money by the beginning of this week, and he has pretty much giving me a story and bullshitted his way out of paying me.

Now, this man has some money and other problems, and I can so see him keeping my money to pay x bill or y bill, rather than paying me. I can just so see it. He’s pugnacious enough to do it, and a dyed in the wool, card carrying, dues paying reprobate.

The end result is that I do not have enough money to get to work tomorrow. Literally, I am in a bit of a pickle. I’ve spoken to my team manager and we’re trying work out something, but I still have to wait a little longer and I still have to get here tomorrow.

BOLLOCKS! Why are people so wicked? Why is it that they torture without impunity? Damn fucking asshole!

I’m again worrying about money, and from the bottom of my feet to the crown of my head I am SICK of it! Especially when somebody who claims to be my friend is fucking me up so blatantly and nastily. (Although by now I should be used to it: in recent times so many friends have turned out not to friends but actually haters in disguise.)

I KNOW he was faking them coughs!

(Can you see the irony: Working for SERIOUS money, but don’t have enough of it to get to work. That is like a Greek tragedy.)

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