Okay…. writing from work. Have a quiet minute, although it’s likely to be just a minute.

Some FUCKING oline casino is spamming my blog.

FUCKERS! A pox on your head! Oozing pustules on your head!

Is anyone else getting this.

The Eritraen called. We went out. I have also broken my sexual fast. Feel bad though… it wasn’t like YMK. In no way, shape or form. Both times it was over, I said to myself, “I miss YMK so much.” The melancholy that came over me… he’s a tough act to follow. (He’d like to hear that.)

Getting ready to leave Charlton and go to Fulham. Looking forward to some alone time. Will not miss living in Charlton, will not miss living with monilove. (I get the feeling she doesn’t really want me to be there, and well the moodiness is tough to take.)

I like this job so far. I’ll give ya’ll more impressions when I have more time to write.

All is well, going well, getting better everyday.

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