Ochun says you must take good care of your health. Even though you might not see it that way, you’re really stressed out and that could send you off balance completely with some serious repercussions to your body. Your guarding Orisha suggests you to avoid stress. Those daily chores you enjoy doing so much could do you good, as well as those outdoor activities you like, too. Getting in contact with nature will fill you up with peace of mind. Drink some water youve put to rest outside the house every morning. Remember you must bring the water inside the house right before daybreak.


The Orisha Horoscopes were down over at Caribbeaninside.com over the last couple of weeks, and you’d be surprised how much it annoyed me to go day after day and not find the function working on the site. After numerous emails, it seems like somebody over there finally got around to sorting out the function again. I’m ever so glad to have it back.

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