Tired as a dog. I worked security for my cousin in Kent’s best friend last night. I left home @ 6.45 and didn’t get home until 4am this morning.

Today I went on a little excursion to Brixton Market with some friends I made on the Santeria Meetup site. Wonderful people, they’ve become my major emotional support system here in England, no lie.

That in itself was exhausting, but DAMN, I LOVE Brixton Market. It’s like a little slice of home, no joke. I bought the makings of buljol to make make for lunch tomorrow, including one absolutely beautiful zaboca (avocado for allyuh foreigners, oui?). I also found a marvellous botanica and got a few little things (could only afford a few things as pay doing security is small for sure).

I’m here across the street from the Hammersmith Palais, waiting to start work. God Bless late hours at London cybercafes.

Probably won’t get home until about 4am tomorrow morning either. At least I don’t have to do anything tomorrow but rest, and other than the buljol (which is dead easy to make) I plan to do little else.

Probably won’t post until Monday. Sunhead is still down, isn’t there anyone at all out there who can contribute $15 towards getting it back up? I would dearly, dearly love it and you. The Paypal link still works. Forgive me for busking through my blog.

I miss having Internet access at home. I do. I have to fix that as soon as I can. I feel things changing and moving around me.

Ancestors are working on my behalf, I can feel it.

I’ve been down since that weird ass dream, so I’ve been smearing my face with honey the last few days.

Keep me in your prayers people. I still need them.

Love always,

Big Mami

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