I had an absolutely hideous dream last night.

I dreamt I woke up in a completely infamiliar place, and the first thing I saw was one of those GREYS (alien). It was definitely grey with the triangular head and the large, outsized eyes, dark and obscure reflective eyes.

I immediately started to freak out. When I looked around there were about three or four more aliens there. Although the others were about the same height, they were more human. Their skin was greyish, and you could see veins through the epidermis. The also were all white-looking and one had blue eyes.

I started asking questions: Why am I here? Who are you? What is this place?

The one with the blue eyes, looked at me and kind of smiled in a patronising way, but said nothing.

Next I was being restrained, and they put this long tube like thing that had tentrils of some kind of fibre, and a round bulb at the end, flattened on the top with a kind of thin sheet of metal like what you find on the end of microphones, right down to the holes.

They threaded this tube with the bulb down my throat, and although it wasn’t very big I felt like it was choking me. Then I started seeing images in my head, and there were words and symbols being displayed as though a pane of glass had been overlaid on the images.

I stopped panicking and realised that what I was seeing was an explanation of who they were, why they were here and what they were doing and going to do to me.

I remember nothing else, but it was a very disturbing dream.

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