You will probably have to reiterate an old argument this week; you’ll have to return to a familiar problem and reprise a good fight you’ve fought before. For best results, don’t betray any peeved impatience. Act as if you’re offering your reasonable appeal for the very first time. On behalf of the universe, I apologize for sending you this maddening test. History is threatening to repeat itself in a distinctly unproductive way, and only your good-natured, enlightened use of force can stop it.



See this is exactly what happened. The arguments and her methods are too familiar. Like shit that happened to me when I was younger. Relationships I decided to sever because of their negativity. Places I don’t ever want to return to.

Last night, after she kept going around in circles chasing her tail, I stopped and told her that this was circular communication, and I give in, she won, right. I pulled out and told her I wasn’t continuing to discuss this with no percieved resolution in sight.

She didn’t like that, but I walked out anyway.

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