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You will not know how to react to an unfair attitude of an old friend of yours. In work, you will arouse the interest of a superior of yours, thanks to a new technique. In love, you will be able to achieve your ends.


You feel an exciting change in the air. Maybe it’s not calling your name this time, but you won’t let that stop you from joining in. You’re here to play, and everyone is included. Most will be flattered by your invitation.

It’s a great day (and night) for love, so start scoping out whom you want to smooch. With your infectious energy and spirit of adventure, they’ll be lining up for you — it’s time for a very sweet new beginning.

Freewill Astrology:

Machismo is a term that refers to the aggressive demonstration of stereotypical masculine qualities. Feminismo, on the other hand, signifies a potent expression of what are usually thought of as feminine traits. These include sensitivity, receptivity, emotional intelligence, a knack for nurturing others, a drive to create beauty, and a skill for building relationships. This will be important for you to keep in mind in the coming months, because 2005 will be the Year of Feminismo for both Aries men and women. Are you ready to supercharge your feminine qualities?

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