Well, trying not to get too depressed but it’s really hard.

Please keep praying for me. I have no money, and again have nowhere to live come Jan.

My cousin in Essex is crazy. I can’t lie.

She’s nasty, I mean physically nasty. The house is always filthy, grimy, squallid. She hardly bathes, and smells.

She has no self control and neither do her children. There is no space, and I’ve stopped sleeping properly, can’t eat because I frighten for taumaine (sp?), and she (cousin) screams ALL the time. She even screamed at me, and I still don’t understand why. It’s always cold in this house. Always.

Christmas was awful, the cousin spent two or three hours quarelling with her son. The last two weeks have been a nightmare dreamscape, and my cousin in Kent says he can’t take me back. So what do I do.

I can’t go back to the Caribbean, because then all this drama would have been for naught, but I have nowhere to live and no money.

I’m crying almost every day now. Worst, I have so few people to talk to, and no one I can depend on.

Having no money is making it supremely difficult even to say I’m going to look for work.

Keep praying for me.

I love ya’ll.

Not giving up, but I need someone to help me. Donations welcome.

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