I am in hell.

My cousin, the one in Essex, is too hijgh strung and I think a little addled in the head.

Not for nothing, but I knew it the minute I walked in the door.

The filth of her house disturbed me so completely that for two days I couldn’t use the toilet and developed a case of constipation and was horrified and scornful of eating on the plates and using the utensils.

First off, she never talks unless she’s talking about herself or her opinions on things. She also has no off switch. Even when I am so tired my eyes are drooping and I’m letting off ear splitting yawns, she will still go on and on, often telling me for the fifth or sixth time about this problem she has or that problem.

She is also a bit of a bully.

What freaks me out the most is the ill dignified screaming at the top of her lungs. She screams for the children, she screams at the children and for all intents and purposes has no control over them.

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